Weekend in Sheffield

While I was in Portugal, I met a group of guys, who were on the Erasmus course for one semester, in Sheffield. They had invited me to stay with them but not quite sure how serious they were. However, I jumped on the chance (as I had never been there) and spend a splendid couple of days in Sheffield about a month ago. Finding out that they were hosting a party that Friday night, excited me even more.

On the bank holiday weekend, I drove up after work, knowing that it was going to take roughly four hours. Luckily, I enjoy cruising in my Daewoo, boogying to some tunes. Eventually, I had arrived in Sheffield, only to get lost several times in one way streets, causing me to turn around. When I landed on the road I was looking for, I easily found some free on street parking.

After ringing one of the guys, I dumped my stuff; got shown around the block of flats, greeting the guys from my holiday (which I think they were surprised to see me). The whole building was roaring with laughter and music as the crowds mingled. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of student in this small accommodation ( there were probably 100 or so).

After admiring all the crazy fancy dress costumes; chatting to many of the students and consuming a few drinks, we decided to trot down to the city centre waterfall (it was such a clean, modern waterfall). The reason for this was because a couple of the guys had to fulfil their challenge set the day before: jumping into a pool of water fully clothed then nominate three others. This was one of the funniest things I have seen. With high spirits, in the early hours of the morning, they galloped into the water, then chose a few others: some of them were there watching so they decided to jump in there and then (they tried to nominate me but I luckily got away with it).

Waking up late the next day, we mooched down to the centre of Sheffield: viewing the cathedral; the beautiful, colourful botanic garden; the magnificent modern waterfalls and enjoying the taste of international food from the market. I have to say, I wasn’t expecting Sheffield to look like it did: it was modern, classy and appealing to the eye (not like a factory industrial city, I was expecting).

When we got back to the flats, we had a lazy evening involving homemade stir-fry noddles, the Lego movie, a massage and an early night.

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