Nagoya: science, theatre, shopping

Nagoya is a smaller city between Fuji and Osaka, which isn’t very popular with tourists.

After checking out of Hostel Ann and commuting to our new accommodation, we started to explore this small city. First, we wandered to Nagoya No Theatre, where there was a beautiful waterfall outside. Inside, the exhibition showed tradition mental puppet (Bunraku), masks, costumes and a video of a theatre production (3 actors in large Japanese costumes, shout at each other).




While waiting for the others, we rest with our feet in the waterfall, relaxing in the sun.


Next we went to City Science museum, where part of it was a massive dome. At the boot ok of the huge centre, there was a special exhibition: Dragon ball Z. This was extremely strange. It looked like 5 games/ station where you could do different things. One, you had to throw cans at the screen, another one pretending to fire a dragon ball at a monster, and there was even one where they were queuing to sit on a toilet – weird.



The 5 story science museum was full of every part of science: chemistry, physic and biology. It was fantastic for children as it had so many interactive parts.

<a href="”>IMG_2705.JPG


When we got kicked out, we strolled towards the centre. There was an enormous shopping centre, full of clothes shop, a girl group singing and dancing to an audience and a ¥100 shop with loads of useful amenities.


In the shopping area, there were ice-cream vendors so, of course, I got one, which was vanilla ice-cream swirled with blue ice.


Just outside was the Osu Kannon (temple), which was beautiful. Just seemed strange to have it next to a young, alternative area.


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