Have I gone into the wrong school?

Waking up early was a slight shock to system. After travelling some distance on several different public transport, I had arrived at a school different to mine for my first day of teaching in Thailand.

With excited children piling through the front gates, I squeezed passed them to the farong staff room. I had four lessons to teach children from Pathom 3 (year 4) to Pathom 6 (year 7). Even though I was meant to teach science to three of the classes, I decided to get the children to talk about their holidays and what they already knew about science along with a few games.

Children just love games. I’ve realised as long as you have back up activities the children will always be learning and joining in.

All my lessons went surprisingly well with the kids participating and interacting. The language barrier wasn’t as hard as I first thought. As the children were doing the intense English programme, their English was pretty good. The only problem I had was sometimes understanding their accent.

My last lesson was computing, which consisted of the children making a PowerPoint about themselves. Seeing the children were 11 years old, I was surprised how little they could do on the computer. I taught them to use multiple slides, to create a background, insert pictures and to have different transitions between slides.

By the end of the day, I realised how much I missed teaching and working with children.

Even after an unexpected day of teaching,  all in all, it was a great day.

Hopefully tomorrow will be similar but this time at the school I’m working out.

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