The feeling of your first day at school: Thai style

Today was my first day working in Thailand. Well… Sort of. I had training with my agent.

With my phone buzzing against my bedside table, it was time to get myself out of bed. Once my housemate and I were ready, we took the journey to our agents office. Through the hustle and bustle of busy streets, a cramped BTS train and a peaceful taxi, we eventually arrived at the office.

After sitting around, getting to know other teachers, we transported to a school down the road for training, where we went over culture, classroom management and got introduced to the staff.

The concept of time and sticking to plans doesn’t seem to work here. I’m a pretty laid back person but I’m still learning to go with the flow. I had to do this today. I was first told that I had to come to a different school to plan my lessons. I was unsure why. No-one could give me a reason.

Suddenly, this changed. I was now teaching at the school for a day. What? Looks like I’m teaching tomorrow.

Before leaving, I was revealed my timetable for the day: 3 science classes and a computering lesson. I decided as I wasn’t there normal teacher and it was the first day of term, I would plan the same introduction lesson with games for all the classes. That’s my evening gone.

A mix of emotions are going through me: excitement to start teaching again and slightly nervous about the language barrier. Let’s see what tomorrow brings. It feels weird that my first day is not going to be at my school but that means I can practise games and techniques.

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