Travel Plans

downloadAfter finishing teaching this term in Thailand, I am going to be travelling around South East Asia. I love planning travelling adventures. The thrill of researching and booking the different places make my heart miss a beat. I only have a month to plan before leaving to the first city.

This will be the longest solo adventure travelling along the road through multiple cities and countries, I have ever done.

Here are my vague destination plans for now:
-Chiang Rai, Thailand
-Slow boat to Laos
– Luang Prabang/ Vang Vieng, Laos
– Hanoi/ Sapa/ Halong Bay, Vietnam
– Travel South through Vietnam stopping at various places
– Ho Chi minh , Vietnam
– Couple of cities in Cambodia
– Bangkok, Thailand
– Koh Phi Phi/ Krabi, Thailand
– Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
– Singapore
– Bali, Indonesia
– Sydney, Australia

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