Things to do in Jerico, Antioquia

IMG_2966Jerico is a beautiful town in the state of Antioquia, just south-west of Medellin. It’s actually my favourite pueblo in the whole of Colombia.

I just don’t know how to describe it. It is a small village with incredible, colourful buildings along straight roads and surrounded by mountains. There is a huge plaza in the centre with a cathedral, several cafes and restaurants as well as food vendors in the square. Many people are still dressed in traditional clothing of white hats, ponchos and leather bags (Carrieles), sitting outside shops. You can literally just wander around memorised by the architecture. Take so many different snaps and selfies.

IMG_2979Just outside the town on the hills, you have a magnificent view of the town and surrounding valleys.

There are so many things you can do here including:

  • Visit the Catedral Virgen de las Mercedes
  • Have a tour in the Museo Maja de Jerico
  • Do a workshop at Hecho en Jerico
  • Hike Cerro Las Nubes
  • Make your own coffee at El Saturia
  • Go to Museo Jose Tomas Uribe
  • Enjoy a ride on the cable car
  • Climb to Morro El Salvador

IMG_3361I have been here three time and I still love it. There’s always something new to do and see. I can never get bored of the view especially at sunset. Here, it still isn’t touristy, which I think is the nicest so you may see the locals look at you, especially if you’re a tall blonde like me.

Where to stay: I stayed at Cabañas y Flores Finca Hotel all three times I have been here, which is just out of the centre on a hill overlooking the centre. It’s an incredible place with comfy little cottages with private bathrooms, as well as a pool and spa area. The garden is full of colourful flowers, where the birds just love to chill, and you can sit and just watch the birds of Colombia. It has a relaxing atmosphere with friendly owners. This is the best accommodation in Jerico.

If you are more on a budget, I would highly recommend the international backpackers Las Cometas hostel. It has recently been taken over by a social, helpful and friendly owner. It is in a perfect location near the main square and has everything you need as a backpacker. 

IMG_3350How to get there from Medellin: You can get a bus or collective (shared taxi) from Terminal del Sur costing between 23,000-27,000 pesos ($8-$9). It takes around three hours, where you can choice different routes. The quickest is through Bolombolo. Or if you’re like me and know someone with a car, you can drive there in around 2 and a half hours. Though I have also been there by collectivo.

Like I said before, it’s my favourite village in the whole of Colombia and I would totally recommend going for a few days and staying there. If you have any more questions of comments about Jerico, you are welcome to comment.

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