Tranquil evening in the historic centre of Cartegena 

IMG_3726Arriving in Cartegena meant that I got to watch the beautiful sunset, overlooking the ocean.

The friends that I was staying with from my teaching programme, lives in La Boquilla, literally on the beach, which was an absolute treat. There were also two others visiting my friend from London so we headed in a taxi to Getsemani in the historical centre.

A friend of theirs recommended an Indian restaurant called Maharaja, which we decided to go to. It had traditional Indian paintings on the wall of dancer and geishas. The atmosphere was chilled and comfortable with the waiter able to speak a little English (not that we needed it). They had a variety of curries on the menu including options for veggies. IMG_3734

Once we ordered, with our hungry stomachs in anticipation, we waited for our food to arrive. First the poppadoms came, which we interesting, looking like dry wall with ginger paste. Okay I thought. This was going to be a Colombian style Indian.

When our main food was served to us, it looked delicious. I had ordered the Thali, which is a mixture of vegetarian curries, bread, bahjis, samosa, rice. The taste was so rich and full of flavour and a mixture of ingredients but different from uk curries.

IMG_3730 (1)Once our tummies were satisfied, we took the rest to take away and settled the bill.

After, we wandered the area with quaint, colourful houses with decorations of coloured bottles and flags pinned across the street and passed a plaza full of locals and foreigners, drinking. We went to a small place, which did offers on cocktails so I purchased a maracuya (passion fruit) mojito. It was so fruity and refreshing. As a little extra, a guy came to pour more white rum in, which wouldn’t happen in the UK with shot laws.

On the way to find a taxi, there was a fire dancer in the street doing a performance, which was entertaining. Then we took a taxi back to my friend’s house, where we chatted before heading to bed.

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