Weekends in Jerico, Antioquia

IMG_2881I have been to Jerico three times now and actually love the pueblo. The first time was completely by chance and just stayed here for a day. I had just met a guy, who needed to go here for work so asked if I would like to go with him. Maybe stupidly, I said ‘Yes’ and just went. I hadn’t been there before.

When we got there, we stopped at a place just outside of town, where soon enough I found out it was his dad’s house. It was a bit of a surprise and didn’t really know what to say. With my limited Spanish it was hard to communicate and I felt a little out of place. However, it was a beautiful place with a beautiful garden and a spectacular view of the town.


After, we visited the village with its colourful, bright buildings, wandering the streets. It was a magical place. On the way back to Medellin, we stopped off and ate at a rancho restaurant, which had some of the most tasty food I’ve had in Colombia. It was bread with this mix of avocado sauce, cheese, tomato and some other stuff, and another thing (I know, I’m so descriptive).

The second time I stayed over night at a Finca, overlooking the town. I went with the same guy so he drove from Medellin, which makes it a lot easier. As we arrived early evening, we just stayed at the finca, treating ourselves to a cheeseboard, which was just divine.

The next day, after eating a traditional Colombian breakfast at the finca, we headed into town, which was about a 5 minute drive.


We wandered the streets taking photos of the beautiful, colourful buildings with wooden balconies, large doors and window panels, all painted in bright colours. We entered a new museum of a traditional house, looking around what a typical house in the area used to look like. It had a little courtyard in the middle of the house with rooms
off it with high ceilings and traditional décor of old, wooden furniture with floral covering and huge, bright lamps.

After, we went to a café overlooking the main plaza to order some food. I had a patacone (squashed, fried plantain), a traditional food in Colombia, with avocado and grated cheese and salad, alongside a maracuya juice (a must in Colombia).

Then we took some more snaps before entering a little café parallel to the plaza called El Saturia, which has local, high quality coffee. You can opt to make your own coffee here, where the server will explain all the types of coffee and the process and then shows you how to make coffee properly. I think I


made a latte, where I needed to press the coffee, shake the milk as I poured and I got to decorate it at the end.

In the evening, we returned to the town centre to have a couple of beers. As we were sitting along the plaza, we bumped into my friend’s uncle, who joined us. Luckily he could speak English so I wasn’t out the loop of what they were saying. As Colombian style goes, we ended up ordering a bottle of Aguadiente (lethal stuff), where they drink it in a shot style every five minutes, washing it down with either water or a beer. A few hours later, it was time to go back to the finca, inviting half the people we were with to drink more in the garden. I was feeling sleepy so I ended up putting myself to bed.

Most of the next day, I was in bed, sleeping apart from having breakfast and then driving back to Medellin, stopping off for food.

IMG_3030The third time I went to Jerico was kind of spontaneous. My friend was already there and invited me to join him. Last minute, after being fed up that my classes had been cancelled the last three days, I quickly packed a rucksack and took the metro to Poblado. From here, it’s about a 10 minute walk to Terminal del Sur, where I took a collective (shared taxi costing 27,000pesos) to Jerico, taking around 3 hours. You can choice where it drops you off so I just went to the main square to meet my friend.

Him plus his father and friends were relaxing in a café, chatting so I joined them after ordering pizza at a restaurant opposite. They brought the pizza to us, where we got a large vegetarian plus another one. It has avocado on, which I’ve never had before but the pizza was one of the best I’ve eaten with a fresh made based, cooked to perfection. We sat around, with everyone speaking Spanish and me understanding some of it, eating the tasty pizza. Again, being around Colombians, a bottle of aguadiente comes out, where we are constantly having shots. When the bottle was finished, it was our call to go home to sleep.

IMG_3020In the morning, we casually woke up and ate a traditional Colombian breakfast before heading into town. We took some more photo and went to Museo Maja de Jerico. The volunteer yound girl took us on a tour of the museum. Giving us information about every article from the history of Jerico, to current art exhibitions. It was so interesting and she was so informative. The tour was in Spanish but I picked up some of it whilst my friend translated the other parts. It had photographs and old equipment and models and artwork. We were there quite a long time before leaving and going back to the car. We went back to the hotel to pick up our bags, and saying our farewells.

Then we drove through the coffee farms for about an hour and a half to Jardin, another little pueblo in Antioquia.

I loved my trips to Jerico and even though I won’t be there for a while, I know I will go back when I arrived back in Medellin. Jerico is such a lovely place with a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful, colourful buildings.

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