​Las Nubes Tour in Jericó, Colombia


Las Nubes is a hiking area up the mountain from Jericó, which is situated a couple of hours from Medellin, Colombia. Before going on this tour, I had seen photos and immediately wanted to experience this magnificent landscape.

IMG_20171015_175821224Las Cometas is the only hostal in Jericó and it focuses on bringing travellers to experience the real Colombia in a non-touristy village. They offer several incredible tours including Las Nubes, to show the unique side of Colombia and all its beauty.

Recently, I was able to join a group of backpackers to enjoy this tour at sunset. The lovely owner of the hostel guided us through the area, sharing his knowledge. We started at the hostel mid-afternoon and strolled through the town  to a beautiful farm, where the hike would begin. IMG_20171015_175756725

Climbing up the windy, steep paths, overlooking the colourful-housed pueblo for about 30 minutes, we reached the cable car platform, which is currently not running. The view from here is just so picturesque, seeing tiny cars and horses manuevering around and tiny, fast-winged birds fluttering by.


From here, we were shown around the area with short walks between each hut, and each landscape mesmerising my eyes. I thought the first one was incredible, but each one just gets better and better. From every side, there is a different shot of the huge mountains, lit up towns and the windy Cauca river. IMG_20171015_173911401As time goes by, the sunset is more spectacular, showing different shades of colours shining through the quick-moving, mis-shaped clouds. I have never seen anything like it and believe me, I was totally speechless.

At the last hut, we relaxed; some of us sitting on the grass and others on a bench, just gazing and admiring. We cracked open a cold bottle of beer, which is given as part of the tour, sipping, chatting and staring. At one point, it looked like the sky was on fire with bright yellow, orange and red seeping through the clouds.

IMG_20171015_175824093Obviously, we had our cameras constantly snapping but the photos don’t look as good as real life.

When there was no sun left in the sky, we wandered back using our torches to guide the way through the uneven paths. Our group decided to stop on the way back in an open space, just to lie on our backs and gaze at the sparkling stars that filled the sky. It was the perfect romantic date but with a bunch of travellers. Then we carried on walking down to the hostel to end our tour.

IMG_20171015_172228821I loved this tour as it encorporated some of my favourite things: hiking, landscapes, beers, a sunset and star gazing. If you want to see the most incredible sunsets in Colombia (Antioquía provence Ii famous for their sunsets), I recommend to go on this tour with Las Cometas Hostel.


Las Nubes Sunset Tour includes: IMG_20171015_174201622

  • An English, Spanish and Portuguese guide
  • A drink (tea, coffee or beer)
  • 10 photos
  • Beautiful views with a picturesque sunset


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  1. cathi

    Stunning photos!!!!!

    1. veggietravellingteacher (Post author)

      Thank you! It’s an amazing place!


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