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I wanted to share my top websites for teaching English as a foreign language. I have been teaching for 5 years with 2.5 years teaching ESL around the world. I have taught all ages from kindergarten to adult as well as Beginner to Advanced level. All these websites are useful for all levels and ages.

1. Kahoot

IMG_1649This is my absolute number one. I love it. My students love it. What more would you want? This is basically a quiz site, where students can interact with their phones or laptops. Once you have signed up, you can either create a quiz or use one that others have created (be careful because there could be wrong answers or spellings). In the classroom, you set it up through the internet, which gives you a code. Students can go on the site, enter the code and be part of the quiz. They just have to type their names then answer the questions when they come up on the screen. At the end of each question, it shows a scoreboard so students become really competitive. I use Kahoot to review grammar or vocabulary, or even at the start of a topic to see how much they know. When I used to teach in Australia to adults, my evening classes were tired in a Friday class so I played this to carry on learning English in a relaxed way.

My experience teaching ESL to adults in Sydney


2. Teach-this 

This is such a good resource for teaching English as a foreign language. You can search the topic or grammar and it will show you many activities. Each one has the instruction plus any worksheets needed. Also, it will tell you the level the activity is aimed at. There are always free and paid activities but I’ve only used the free ones and they are so useful especially if you can’t think of tasks related to what you’re teaching. I have found that majority of activities are aimed at Beginner to Intermediate levels but there is the occasionally one up to Advanced.

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3. Movie Segments 

IMG_20150610_124948This is a super resource, which has movie segments from popular films with a lesson plan alongside it. There are so many clips for all levels from Beginner to Advanced. You can search either by movie, level or grammar point. I usually search by a specific grammar topic as I have set grammar areas I have to teach. It incorporates listening and grammar activities based on the movie segment. All my student have loved doing tasks like this as they enjoy watching something visual in English as well as having some films recommended to them.

4. Breaking News English 

I actually found this website by chance when I was teaching Advanced level in Australia. It was extremely difficult for me to find good readings and listening for this high level over the web. This is a great resource as it has relevant news articles, which come with a 26 page activity book about the article. There are role plays, matching tasks, comprehension, word definitions etc. Each article comes in 6 different reading and listening levels. With the listening or skim reading option, there are also different speed depending on the class’ ability.

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5. Teaching English (British Council) 

20148877_10154592599221759_645368293_oAnother great free website to download lesson plans with worksheets for all levels. There are also short listening clips with activities about them. I used this a lot for my Beginner students in Colombia as they struggled with understand English. The are also speaking in British English so it was good for my classes to listen to a different accent as they normally hear American music and TV shows. We, as brits, use a soft ‘r’ and pronounce the ‘t’. You’ll be surprised how difficult they find the clips and I ended up having to play it to them 4 or 5 times.


What are your thoughts? Are there any others you like using? What is your experience of using these website?


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