Uauá village, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil: a rush to visit my friend

IMG_1339Uauá is a tiny village west of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. No-one goes here but I decided to visit as my Brazilian friend lives there with his family. He is a family friend, who lived in England for quite a few years. The sole purpose was to catch up with him as I hadn´t seen him for some time. The village is a typical Brazilian village filled with bungalows, a main square and sporadic, little shops.

After panicking throughout the flight, I finally landed in Salvador de Bahia. I was apprehensive about whether I would catch the bus to Uauá as it was the last bus going there that evening. I rushed out the plane to collect my luggage, which, lucky, didn’t take too long. Then I ran to the taxi area. With a price in my head, I negotiated badly but I was in such a panic that I needed to get to the bus terminal as quickly as possible. I still wasn’t sure I would make the bus. However, looking at the distance, it shouldn’t take long if there’s not much traffic. I was in luck. Running around the terminal like a mad person, I found the ticket office, purchased my ticket and had 5 minutes to spare to go to the toilet before the overnight bus departed.

And relax…

IMG_1312The bus journey seemed long as it stopped constantly in small villages with people getting off, disturbing me with the lights turning on intermittently. I arrived in Uauá early in the morning. I did get funny looks when I departed the bus as I think they had never seen a blonde foreigner in the village before. I could tell it was a small place with only locals and people who had never left.

I waited around 10 minutes before my friend came. I was excited to see him as I hadn’t seen him for around 5 years. He is a Brazilian guy I knew, who lived in England for a while and became close to my family. I was only staying one night as I only had a couple of days before my flight to England.

He showed me his Mum’s café, which he helped in and took me to his home to show me where I would be sleeping. I was feeling tired so I had an hour or two to rest before having a shower.

I have to say that for the rest of the day I didn’t do much except chill in the café, catching up with my friend and skyping my Mum with him. Late afternoon, his mum and sister made a delicious homemade dinner of fish and vegetables for us all the share with my friend’s nephews too. After, in the café, I talked to two young boys, who had learnt English with my friend. It was funny trying to have a conversation with them as they had limited English and I only had a basic level of Spanish (not even Portuguese). However, the fact there was a foreigner talking to them, they became motivate to speak English.


In the evening, my friend drove me around the town, showing me different areas but there were basically shops, bars an a few restaurants.

After not having much sleep the night before, I decided to go to bed pretty early, where I literally just fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

IMG_1308The following day, I got up early to have a shower and then went to my friend’s grandparents’ house. As it was a Sunday, they hosted a church Sunday school for children, which was enlightening. There were around 10 children listening to a bible story and singing songs. The session ended with juice and cake.

When all the kids had left, we ate a small breakfast of bread, spreads, pastries, juices and hot drinks. We sat chatting for a while and I played with my friend’s little nephew as well as going back to the house to pack my stuff up.

I planned to get the bus in the afternoon as I didn’t want to take an overnight bus and I had already booked a hostel in Salvador de Bahia. However, before leaving, in a rush, we ate another delicious lunch of lasagna, shared with the family.

In the afternoon, I went to the small bus station, where I bought a ticket and hopped on the bus. I said goodbye to my friend, where he and his family gave me some gifts. It was an extremely short time in the village, seeing my friend but I’m glad I made time to see him.

The bus was empty the whole way so I stared out the window for most of the journey as well as sleeping a little. The countryside was beautiful, driving on unpaved road in the middle of nowhere majority of the time. I think I arrived back in Salvador de Bahia around 9pm in the evening.

IMG_1313.jpgI managed to get a taxi from the bus station but he had no idea where he was going so in the end, I had to tell him directions to the hostel. Then he refused to take me all the way because of one-way roads. However, when I told him I wouldn’t pay the full amount we agreed, he then took me all the way.

At the hostel, I checked in and they showed me my room. I just chilled, researched about what to do in Salvador and chatted on skype before resided to my bed for sleep.

How to get to Uauá: There´s about 3 buses a day from the main bus terminal in Salvador de Bahia, driving through different villages so even though it´s not a long distance, it takes around 7 or 8 hours.



  1. Katy

    I have never heard of Uaua; must be pretty far inland to take 7 hours by bus! Did you spend much time in Salvador? I spent a few days there with my parents, while my first husband and I were living in Brazil. I hope to go back on my next trip to Brazil!!

  2. Anne Banfield

    Wow Jess what a beautiful country!
    Glad you got to see your Brazilian friend, and lovely to skype your mum while you were there!
    Take care & God Bless you in all you do.
    Lots of love, Anne Banfield


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