Being a tourist in my new hometown: Medellin, Colombia

  Within the first few weeks of being in Medellin, once I had found a place to live, I had plenty of time to explore the city before starting at my centre. Medellin is a huge city surrounded with numerous mountains and a metro line throughout the centre. It is the…
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Arriving in Medellin, Colombia

I was excited to start living in this town or well the south of it because I had heard such good things about it. When teaching in Australia, I had many Colombian students, who, when I asked them, recommended this city to me. With the program I am participating in, Greenheart…
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Mancora, Peru: scuba diving, beach and relaxation

Two night buses in a row with some lack of sleep meant time to relax by the pool and beach in Mancora. The main purpose for my visit was to chill and Scuba Dive. There’s not much more than plenty of tourists, markets, street food and many places to drink…
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Trujillo, Peru: a one-day stop-off

I didn’t know many people who had been to Trujillo but I had heard that there were some nice beaches and a place to relax. I didn’t have much time as I needed to move on but we managed to have a day here between two night buses. I have…
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Ica and Huacachina: Sand buggying and a wine tour

Ica is a small town with not too much to do. Most people either go her to see the Oasis dessert, wine tour or see the Nazca lines. I absolutely loved the two options I took and would totally recommend both of these to others. I arrived in Ica around…
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