Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu falls is one of the world wonders on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. It was around 8.00am when I reached my hostel in Puerto Iguazu and fortunately they let me use the shower and offered me breakfast and storage for my stuff. I couldn’t check in yet…
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Getting to Iguazu Falls, Argentina from Montevideo, Uruguay

My journey from Montevideo in Uruguay to Iguazu falls is the longest bus ride I have taken while travelling. There a few options to do this trip: Bus to Buenos Aires then another bus to Puerto Iguazu Bus to Colonia, Uguguay then a ferry to Buenos Aires then another bus…
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Buenos Aires, Argentina: theatre show, walking tour and a cemetery

Buenos Aires is the capital city located on the East coast of Argentina around the middle. The city is known for its Spanish/European architecture and rich culture.The city was establish in 1536 by the Spanish. It’s a huge, beautiful city, which weirdly doesn’t have a Latin American feel. I arrived…
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​Mendoza, Argentina: Wine, bikes and horses

Mendoza is a small city, North-West of Argentina and is famous for its vineyards and wine. Quite a few travellers stop here, mainly to do the wine and bike tour in the winery area. It seems like a great reason to spend a couple of days here. I was in…
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