The Grampians and The Great Ocean road, Australia

The following day, I woke up early to be picked up for my 2 day tour from Adelaide to Melbourne. On the bus there were mostly young traveller from Germany, Italy and England. The first part of the day was just driving through South Australia over the boarder to Victoria,…
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Mixed bag of emotions: one downside of being a traveller

I have never really experienced the downside to travelling. I have been travelling for near two years. I’m not saying that it has always been all fun and games, but when things don’t quite go the way you planned, you just have to face the problem. Once the whole time…
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Teaching ESL to adults in Sydney

Just under a year ago I moved to Sydney as a friend was living here. In no time I managed to get myself a job as a teacher, teaching English as a foreign language to Adults. Looking back now, when I first started I was so lucky to find a…
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