Bulgaria: food, market and hanging out

Sunday As we laid our head on our pillow in the early hours of the morning, we leisurely did our morning duties of showering, dressing and preparing for the day. About midday, we met up with the two English girls from the previous day in McDonalds and grabbed some food….
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Bulgaria: day of tours

Saturday We got up early so that we could enjoy our free breakfast at the hostel, which included cereal, waffles, fruit, toast, cheese, scrambled egg, tomato, olives, yogurt, tea and coffee. During breakfast we spoke to two French people, then went to the meeting point of the free walking tour:…
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Bulgaria: finding our hostel and pub crawl

Friday After landing, we walked down the stairs to fresh, cool air and on to a bus. I didn’t understand why we got driven to the airport doors because it would have taken approximately 3 minutes to use my legs. Passport control was manic. There were crowds of people and…
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Departing for Sofia, Bulgaria

As you may or may not know, I like to travel and usually not the touristy places. Currently, I am on my way to the capital of Bulgaria. This will be the furthest east I have been in Europe. Why Bulgaria? Why Sofia? Why this time of year? That’s an…
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