Battambang, Cambodia: Crocodiles and Phnom Sampeau

My journey to Battambang was uneventful with the bus full of Cambodian and the ride being bumpy on a tiny highway. It took longer than the time I was given but that not unexpected with Asian time. As I arrived about nine in the evening, I hopped on a motorbike…
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia: Killing Fields and Halloween

Finally I reached a hostel in Phnom Penh after meeting a lovely tuk tuk driver. We were settled to have a dorm at Mad Monkeys but the receptionist messed up so we got a three bed private room for the same price. This hostel were definitely down for partying. After…
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Trip to Cambodia: Nothing ever goes as planned! 

After the easier than expected re-entry visa process, two of us started our trip to Cambodia. First, we headed to the main train station in Bangkok to depart for our four and a half hour journey to the border of Cambodia. It was a standard ride with hard seats, sweat…
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