Teaching English as a Foreign language in Medellin, Colombia

My teaching experience in Colombia will be completely different to others who have also taught there. If you have ever wanted to teach abroad, Colombia is a great country to start with its relaxed culture, friendly people and beautiful cities. I initially wanted to teach in Colombia for 2 reasons:…
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Being a tourist in my new hometown: Medellin, Colombia

  Within the first few weeks of being in Medellin, once I had found a place to live, I had plenty of time to explore the city before starting at my centre. Medellin is a huge city surrounded with numerous mountains and a metro line throughout the centre. It is the…
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Arriving in Medellin, Colombia

I was excited to start living in this town or well the south of it because I had heard such good things about it. When teaching in Australia, I had many Colombian students, who, when I asked them, recommended this city to me. With the program I am participating in, Greenheart…
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