How I afford to travel long term

People are always asking me how I have been travelling for so long or travellers are shocked when I tell them how long I have been travelling. I will start with a bit of background about me. I was a qualified teacher in England before deciding to quit my job…
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Travelling on a budget: General tips about Transport

Most backpackers want to travel on a budget and make their money last as long as possible so they can do and see as much as they can. However, it is easy to spend more money than planned, go over budget and end up either cutting their trip short or…
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The Grampians and The Great Ocean road, Australia

The following day, I woke up early to be picked up for my 2 day tour from Adelaide to Melbourne. On the bus there were mostly young traveller from Germany, Italy and England. The first part of the day was just driving through South Australia over the boarder to Victoria,…
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Milford Sound, New Zealand

  As I was being picked up at 8.20am, I rose from my bed early to get ready for the long day a head. I had booked a day trip to Milford Sounds, a place recommended to me to visit. When I got on the Kiwi Experience bus (rival company…
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