New Zealand: Auckland

In Auckland, we disembarked where I bid my farewells to a few people before walking to the hostel. Well, the hostel was a shock. Once I had checked in, I stepped foot into this dodgy lift to the fourth floor, went inside a room full of people, where I felt…
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New Zealand: Kaikoura and travelling to Auckland

The other girl was leaving for the airport at 4.30 in the morning but luckily for me I had a bit of a lie-in as I wasn’t being picked up until 9.30 from the international airport. Once I had gathered all my belongings, threw some coffee and toast down my…
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Beachcomber Island, Fiji and last days of travelling

With our stomachs filled with breakfast and our bags packed, we were transfered early morning by minivan then jetty to Beachcomber Island. After arriving on Island, we did our standard check-in procedure and chilled on the beach. For the rest of the  afternoon, we ate a buffet lunch, played volleyball and…
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A relaxing day in Fiji

Today was an extremely low key day because I needed a day of relaxing and sleep before starting my tour around Fiji. Lazily, I abandoned my bed just to do the short walk to the beach and lay on my towel in the sun. It was a glorious day with…
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Fiji: Nada and first time scuba diving

Fiji was just one incredible country and 12 days was definitely not enough time but luckily I still managed to experience the culture and learn about a whole new place.After a long, overnight flight from Perth with a stopover in Brisbane, I landed safely at Nada airport, where I had…
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