South America

Uyuni, Bolivia: the salt flats and railway

We walked to the central square and caught a minibus to the old terminal. As soon as we got there, we purchased a ticket from one of the ladies and hopped straight onto the bus. The ride took about 3 hours, again through mountainous scenery and desert with a few…
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Potosi, Bolivia: high altitude in a cute little town

Potosi is the highest city in Bolivia and boy didn’t I know it. the struggle walking around was immense as I was constantly out of breath. The altitude hit home. It was the weirdest sensation. However, I’m so glad I came here as the little quaint streets with restaurants and…
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Sucre, Bolivia: the white city and the 7 waterfalls

The next city, I travelled to was Sucre in the South of Bolivia nad known by the locals as the white city. It was a very picturesque city, well-worth the visit with not too much to do but lovely views. The city is on many levels with many steep walks…
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