Zimbabwe: special needs school and farewell

(Tuesday) It’s our last day in Zimbabwe and this makes me extremely sad. I am tempted to delay my flight and stay here a couple more weeks. This morning, we went to a special needs school, where one of the women’s child from Presbyterian church go. When we arrived, the…
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Zimbabwe: course ceremony, teaching and Lake Chivero Friday

(Friday) Once we had breakfast and stumbled into the main hall to have a devotional time, we commenced with our last day of the courses. Throughout the week, I was involved with teaching the health course, where we covered: – HIV and AIDS – Chlorea – Typhoid – First Aid…
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Zimbabwe: teaching and netball coaching

(Wednesday) Today, I had to get up earlier than the others as I was teaching a class at 7.30. I have been in front of a class since breaking up for the summer holiday. I didn’t feel as nervous as I thought I would, I felt pretty relaxed (God was…
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Zimbabwe: observing teaching, HIV, tutoring

(Tuesday) Just after breakfast, the headmaster of the school asked if I wanted to teach or observe some lesson. I jumped at the opportunity but requested to observe first as I wanted to see their standard of teaching, how they taught and see if there was a big difference. For…
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I’m in the newspaper: Escape and Evade challenge

Today, I am in the Shoreham Herald, reporting my Escape and Evade challenge I did to raise money for Tearfund, as I am volunteering with them for 3 months. Please donation, anything big or small would be greatly appreciated. Just click to sponsor me for this challenge.

Last days of term

The last days of term now seem like a distant blur. Thinking about these days now, I feel a great sense of achievement but also sadness. This year: – I had a year 5 class for the school whole year – I was the year group leader (not out if…
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Counting down the final days

I don’t know if every teaching staff is counting down the days now till the summer holiday, but certainly I am, along with some of my colleagues. It’s that time of year, where we are starting to get ratty, feeling exhausted and in need of a long vacation. However, it…
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Vegetable cakes: why?

Today, one of the governors made cake for all the staff, which is a regular occurrence as it comes to an end of a term. We are truly grateful and appreciative of cake. The two types of muffins that were cooked were raspberry trifle and courgette and lime. The sweet…
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Teacher Strike day

I know that there are mixed opinions on whether people should strike or not. Some say that they agree with what the unions are saying but can’t afford it. I personally think this is rubbish because if you believe in it that much, you would stand up to the government…
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