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INSET Day after a week off

I love having an INSET day after a half term break. There are many reasons for this but particularly appreciated the one today. This is why: 1. Easy way to get back into the work routine. 2. I can get away with pressing snooze for an hour. 3. Wearing my…
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One step close to my new adventure

Even though I don’t want to share exactly what I’m planning for the next year (manly because it still might not happen), I do want to post about my excitement. Driving home after tutoring, my phone buzz to say I got an email. Just thought it would be a standard…
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Delicious honeycomb cheesecake

I don’t usually post photo (I need to!) or even blog about food but this was one of the most incredible cheesecakes I’ve ever tried. That melting in the mouth moment of every bite.

Gloucester spa break

As it was half term, I wanted to go away last minute. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anywhere cheap to go but instead I decided to go on a spa break with a friend. After looking around for deals, we managed to book a night away the day before leaving. Yes,…
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Things I want to do before January

As my life may change from January, I want to do several different, unusual, fun things (most of them, I haven’t done before). 1. Go to bingo 2. Go to the dogs 3. Go camping 4. Get a tattoo 5. Get a piercing 6. Go hitch hiking 7. Sleep under…
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A path way to a joyful life

I was reading a blog about how to be happy, the things and aspects of life that need to change to make your life a happier one. I’m still undecided whether these particular things will make a happier life. The problem is that so many people want a ‘happy’ life….
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Portugal vacation (Porto) – part 3

Excited and apprehensive of the next part of my journey, I arrived at my finally destination – Porto. That evening, I met a couple of people from my hostel and enjoyed a night of Porto’s nightlife. It was crazy as I met a guy from my hostel in Faro –…
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Short lived

Today has been a difficult day in some ways. Attending a memorial service is never a pleasant experience, especially when she was a young, energetic, inspirational teacher. I first met her several years ago, when she started her career at my Mums school: she was so full of life and…
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Portugal vacation (Lisbon) – part 2

Leaving Faro was slightly sad as I enjoyed the company and nightlife: it was so strange because in these few short day, it felt like they were close friends. Arriving in Lisbon, I was shocked by the amount of hills and steep roads. Even though I had instructions to my…
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