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Pinterest addict

I am just a Pinterest addict. I am on it all the time. If you do not have it, you should sign up. There are so many different reasons for getting Pinterest. 1. You can pin as many boards as you like. I categorise them (that’s just my organisational skills…
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Spa day

Not sure about other people’s opinions on spas but I just love them. These are the sort of days where I just thank God for the opportunity to relax and revitalise. The steam room is my favourite as I can just lay there in the moist, hot air and basically…
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Newquay… Not exactly what I thought

A trip to Newquay was on the agenda as its a place I’ve been told to go to, especially as I was holiday down in Cornwall. But I must say, it was a bit different than expected. First, Newquay zoo. For the price you pay, I was disappointed. It only…
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Teaching over the last year

Soooo… This is my first blog that I write on here. At the moment, it is coming to the end of the summer holiday, which I have to say, makes me slightly sad. The time has been so relaxing but also, has gone quick. As I look over the last…
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