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How travelling changed me

Recently I read a blog called ‘How travel killed my ambition‘ by another travel blogger and it made me stop and think, how I have changed since travelling. You always read conflicting blogs, where some would say that travelling has completely changed them as a person and their perspective whereas…
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Pereira, Colombia: coffee and relaxing

Pereira is another city in the coffee region, not as big as Armenia but still a decent size. It kind of feels more warm and homely, and reminded a lot of my hometown, Brighton. When one asks a Colombian about Pereira, the first thing they will say is there’s a lot…
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Armenia, Colombia: coffee tour in Buenasvista

It was time to travel as I had a week off teaching as it was Semana Santa: basically Easter week. After different discussions with friends around the country, we decided to do the coffee region plus Medellin, which is my current home town. Our first stop was Armenia, a city…
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Things to do in Jerico, Antioquia

Jerico is a beautiful town in the state of Antioquia, just south-west of Medellin. It’s actually my favourite pueblo in the whole of Colombia. I just don’t know how to describe it. It is a small village with incredible, colourful buildings along straight roads and surrounded by mountains. There is…
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