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​Top 5 websites for ESL teaching

I wanted to share my top websites for teaching English as a foreign language. I have been teaching for 5 years with 2.5 years teaching ESL around the world. I have taught all ages from kindergarten to adult as well as Beginner to Advanced level. All these websites are useful…
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Teaching English as a Foreign language in Medellin, Colombia

My teaching experience in Colombia will be completely different to others who have also taught there. If you have ever wanted to teach abroad, Colombia is a great country to start with its relaxed culture, friendly people and beautiful cities. I initially wanted to teach in Colombia for 2 reasons:…
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Teaching ESL to adults in Sydney

Just under a year ago I moved to Sydney as a friend was living here. In no time I managed to get myself a job as a teacher, teaching English as a foreign language to Adults. Looking back now, when I first started I was so lucky to find a…
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