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Top 5 non-preparation, quick starters for ESL teaching

Do you need ideas for a quick starter at the beginning of a class? Are you teaching with limited resources? We all know that we should begin a class with a 10 minute starter to warm up our students brains and to wake up their minds to English. All of…
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Teaching English as a Foreign language in Medellin, Colombia

My teaching experience in Colombia will be completely different to others who have also taught there. If you have ever wanted to teach abroad, Colombia is a great country to start with its relaxed culture, friendly people and beautiful cities. I initially wanted to teach in Colombia for 2 reasons:…
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SENA and Volunteers Colombia orientation

It’s time to start my orientation and actually settle in Colombia for a few months. I hadn’t worked since being in Australia and that was just under 5 months ago. Back to the work life will be slightly hard but at least it’s in another country, where I get to…
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