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Iguazu Falls, Brazil

My second day at Iguazu falls was a mission but totally worth it as I saw some of the most incredible views. The next day, after sorting myself out and eating breakfast, I met the girls to cross the border and then go to the Brazilian side of Iguazu falls….
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Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu falls is one of the world wonders on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. It was around 8.00am when I reached my hostel in Puerto Iguazu and fortunately they let me use the shower and offered me breakfast and storage for my stuff. I couldn’t check in yet…
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Nikko: Kegon waterfall, Lake Chuzenji and Toshogu

One day was all we had here, which I initially thought would not be enough. However, it was. When researching Japan, I found that Nikko was a must see place but I was slightly disappointed. Not sure whether this was influenced by the fog or rain or lack of sleep….
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